Bored Dog? We have the cure. Your first visit at Core Pet Zone’s day care is free, your dog will love our play rooms, equipment and large fenced yard. Your dog will be cage free all day, and you can be guilt free while working long hours.

Dogs get isolated, a day at Core Pet Zone will help with social skills. Not only is day care great for socialization it will help build confidence and your dog gets exercise too! Often unwanted behaviors are a result of boredom. Dogs are pack animals and don’t like being alone. Busy dogs are happy dogs!

We have requirements to play at Core Pet Zone, all dogs must play by the rules and are never bored. Before scheduling your dog for day care or boarding we have an enrollment process for our canine clients.

Not only is Core Pet Zone a safe and (green) clean environment but loving and happy as well. Dogs go outside many times during the day, more than just enough time for outside duties. We do encourage nap time twice a day and continue our cage free environment, unless owners request a kennel.

Puppies! We are excited to help socialize them as long as they have had their second set of shots. We recommend you send a mid-day meal so they can keep up!


 We have an enrollment procedure that each family must follow, because not every dog is social. After filling out our enrollment forms and we verify your dogs health records we would like to invite your dog for a free half day of day care! At this time we will evaluate your dog to verify that we are a good fit. After that you can call to make reservations. Reservations are required, space is limited as we have small play groups.

General Day Care:

At CorePetZone, we try out best to run our daycare like a child daycare, we have a variety of fun games that we play, some of our favorites are bubbles and follow the leader. We have snack time, which consists of a variety of vegetables such as carrots, green beans, squash, broccoli, cauliflower and more! We also have two nap-times, one in the late morning, and another in the late afternoon. We reccomend that your dog comes at least once every other week, just so they stay familiar with our facility and also so they stay social, but we don’t have a requirement for how often you have to come. If you don’t visit us for three months though, we do require another evaluation, just to make sure that they are still social! We rotate our toys, games and equipment frequently so there is always something new! Reservations are required, because we keep relatively small play groups.

 “Just Like Home” Boarding — that’s our goal!

If you need to be away overnight, for the weekend, for a week, or even longer, let us take care of your dog!

We provide 24 hour staff supervision and a cage free environment. In the morning your dog will have breakfast with our staff and some individual playtime before the other day care dogs arrive. Overnight dogs follow the same schedule as a dog here for the day.

We take special care to make sure your dog is as comfortable as possible. If your dog is staying for an extended period of time, new to boarding, or just needs that extra touch, we have lots of ways to make them feel comfortable during their stay. There is no extra charge for these activities because we think it is all part of keeping your dog happy and comfortable during their stay.